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Note: When we have a snow day we will be doing the lesson scheduled for the day we didn't meet. You can also check the revised schedule here.

After God’s Heart meets on Wednesdays at 9-11 am in the South Building at North Summit Church, 201 N.Division in Sandpoint. We end in May and break for the holidays. There is free childcare for children birth to kindergarten. Cost for the year’s materials is $15 and scholarships are available. This year we are not providing coffee or snacks so please feel free to bring your own.



All  Lessons will be uploaded to the Lessons page.
For Pc's/Windows
ll our lessons are done on the newer version of Word (.docx). If you are using an older version of Word, you will need to change the extension. Simply download the lesson and "save as" in your Word program and it will save as a ".doc".

For iPads:
Download the lesson to our ipad and send it to "Pages" . Open the document in pages and work on your lesson.

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