Daily Schedule



9:00-   9:15     -     Worship 

9:15-   10:10    -    Small Groups (discuss the week's lesson)

10:10- 10:15    -     Worship

10:15-  11:00    -     Lecture  (provides more information on weekly lesson)

This is an expository study, we study God's Word chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Lectures offer more cultural, historical and life application to the week's chapters and verses.

If school is closed, we will not have Bible Study.
For information on school closures

call 208-263-2312.
The week after a snow day we will do the lesson that was missed and the schedule will be extended by one week.

A Word About Snow Days.

Lecture & Lesson 

Click here to see the revises 2022 Matthew study schedule (you can also download this schedule to your computer by clicking on the PDF icon below

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